Bruce Aitken   Cert.CST.  Dip.ESS.  Grad. Dip. Phys.
Craniosacral Therapist
Shiatsu Practitioner

Treatment sessions with Bruce Aitken

Sessions are usually an hour long.

Treatment is usually performed through loose clothing.

Sessions can provide gentle but profo
und healing for a wide range of traumas and conditions.

The number of sessions you will require depends on your condition and response to treatment. There is no fixed number. You may need only one!

Sessions cost £65 per hour. Concessions may be available at my discretion, or alternatively, some form of exchange. Please enquire.


I practice at my home in Nonington, between Canterbury and Dover
Visits to your home may also be available, but may need
additional charges for travel.

In addition, I am now offering "distant " sessions. In other words, working remotely, using Craniosacral Therapy skills.
So I can give you a treatment wherever you are, while I remain at home.

Sounds strange to some people I know, but many therapists have learned to do this recently, because of the current situation with social distancing and so on.
It works very well indeed! In fact some people prefer this to the more conventional hands-on approach.
All we need is a speakerphone connection, or Whatsapp for example. A video link can be helpful, but not usually necessary.

I am finding that distant sessions tend to take less time than hands-on. Often only 20 - 30 minutes. Charges can be correspondingly reduced to reflect this, and will be approximately £10 for every 10 minutes taken.

However, as I'm aware that many people will have doubts about distant work at first, I am offering one free session to everyone as a taster.
Give it a try - you may be impressed!

To book sessions, call or text me on 07740 072877 or email or contact me through my contact page